Our utility grid infrastructure is aging and cannot keep up.

We often do not have enough power for new interconnections, while existing customers experience brownouts and interruptions with increasing frequency. Our utilities are not prepared for the recent influx in extreme weather events and wildfires. The changing climate is expected to further exacerbate the weather conditions leading to longer fire seasons, hurricanes, and ice storms.

As businesses and communities can no longer afford to rely solely on utilities, the need for mobile microgrids has never been greater. 

The most common solution to grid outages is the use of stationary or mobile fossil fuel backup generation. Though customers can contact Instant On for quotes on traditional mobile backup generation, IO is committed to a cleaner way. Through integrating the following technologies, Instant ON can keep your power on, without harming the environment. Instant ON is excited to present the following solutions: 




Capstone Rental Generator Turbine Natural Gas Propane CNG LNG


Bloom Hydrogen Bosch FCHEA Fuel Cells


Biomass wood pellet generator
Mobile Renewable Backup Generation and Storage Battery Nomad NRI KORE Biomass Diesel MORBUGs Lithium Transportable Emergency Power


On behalf of Instant ON and our partners with NOMAD Transportable Power Systems and Northern Reliability,
we are pleased to present the following mobile battery storage solutions for lease and for purchase!

"The future of energy storage is mobile"

Nomad Transportable Power Systems (NOMAD) is the first utility scale mobile energy storage platform designed for widescale adoption due to its patent-pending and standardized fleet and interconnection designs. 

This solution offers a “plug-and-play” battery energy storage systems integrated into a specially designed and patent-pending mobile ESS and docking system.  The PowerDockTM platform is designed to provide customers in multiple industry segments with a flexible, reliable, and affordable way to incorporate storage for their varying use cases. This technology offers an alternative to traditional fixed-site storage solutions and what can be expensive startup costs which are concerns some have contended with in the past. Additional benefits include:

  • 1 day connection, preparation and testing timeline. 

  • 2+ hour discharge ability at 250 kW 

  • Fire suppression, outgas detection, deflagration installed

Mobile Renewable Backup Generation and Storage Battery Nomad NRI KORE Biomass Diesel MORBUGs Lithium Transportable Emergency Power PowerDock

"The days of diesel are behind us"

"The ability for us to offer portable energy using our NOMAD solution brings capabilities and solutions for critical needs to so many in the community. The days of turning on a diesel generator for this critical power can be behind us as we look to technology that is here today. The time is now to start protecting your essential loads with green portable power." - AJ Perkins

Nomad has been the missing link for customers that need sustainable resilient options. Not all operations can viably utilize diesel generators. Not all utilities make energy storage economically viable year round. A mobile, rentable battery can be the exact solution needed by many customers unwilling to rely solely on the utility.