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Customers impacted by outages may not have time to wait months for typical storage system installations. Mobile, ready to install and plug-in, Instant On 5 kWh energy storage systems give you power now. Plug into an outlet and become resilient. 

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How is this different form other batteries, such as a Powerwall?

Though the 5kWh, IO-5M battery is of similar capacity to other smaller residential batteries, this it is designed specifically for targeted resiliency needs.  Where other systems are fixed into one location, require extensive permitting,  and are not designed with power outages in mind, the IO-5M is mobile, does not require permitting, and can be deployed to serve specific essential equipment. 

How many hours of backup power would the IO-5M provide?

The IO-5M can store 5kWh of energy. The duration of energy supply during an outage will vary depending on what is plugged into it. For reference, an average refrigerator draws around 1.5kWh per day. If one fridge was prioritized, the IO-5M would suffice for more than three days without power. 

Can these batteries be charged by a solar system?

The IO-5M is built with a MPPT solar charge controller which, if connected directly, allows he device to be ideal for small, low voltage, off the grid PV attachments. Rooftop solar can indirectly charge the battery for some applications, in normal operating circumstances. 

What is the permitting process with for IO-M5?

Unlike traditional low voltage residential installations, the IO-M5 does not require permitting for most applications. The customer need only plug the unit into the wall, and plug desired devices into the front!

Can the IO-M5 help shift away expensive utility time-of-use charges?

With proper controls installed, or with simple programmable outlet timers, devices plugged into the IO-5M can avoid impacting utility charges during specific predetermined times. 

How would the IO-5M impact customers on medical baseline rates?

This mobile battery solution is ideal for customers on older utility rates or for those who own medical devices. The IO-5M does not impact the rate classification, is substantially cheaper than traditional low voltage battery systems, and can target only the equipment considered essential.

Does this battery qualify for any rebates and incentives?

The Californian Public Utility Commission (CPUC) is currently reviewing qualifications for batteries that may receive moneys from the "SGIP Equity Resiliency Budget." This budget was created directly in response to 2019 Public Safety Power Outage concerns. The advocacy of solutions such as IO-5M to the CPUC and other local Governmental and utility organizations further promotes this technology. 

Are there international applications for the IO-5M?

Power reliability is often seen as a daily life challenge in areas outside of the USA, creating a strong need for mobile battery solutions such as IO-5M. A resort in Mexico with intermittent power, with one IO-5M in each room, for example, proves to be an ideal match for this technology. 

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