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Cleaning your panels makes a tremendous difference. The graph above details the loss incurred as a result of dirty panels from soiling. As example, if you have a 10 kW system with a 15% loss in output due to soiling, you are missing out on $ 16,364 worth of extra solar production!


 Traditional cleaning services are simply too expensive. A customer with an array of 5kWh, for example, will find solar cleaning to cost approximately $200, excluding any broken roof tiles. This means, after 25 years of cleaning, the customer would have spent over $5,000!  


 Cleaning your panels using Cleantect is extremely cost effective. To clean a 10kW solar array three times a week, a customer would expect a total increase of their electricity and water bill associated to the service to increase by only $1. Traditional cleaning services simply cannot come close to being this efficient and effective.  


Benefit from IO-Cleantect Case Study
20 Benefit from IO Cleantect Case Study


Why is it recommended to clean solar panels?

The soiling of panels is responsible for stealing electricity production from your panels. Keeping your panels clean will increase energy production up to 30%. Most solar installers and warranties recommend or even require cleaning, and state that projected savings occur only for situations and installations in which constant cleaning regiments have occurred. 

Why do traditional solar cleaning services have little impact on solar production?

Dust, pollution, ash, and other soilants accumulate quickly on panels. Current industry cleaning methods only clean a few times per year at maximum. Soiling losses can revert to pre-cleaned conditions in less than two to three weeks. This rapid degradation of efficiency due to constant soiling eliminates the effectiveness of most cleaning services.

Why do IO-Cleantect systems perform better than those which receive traditional cleaning services?

Warranties require panel cleaning at least once or twice a year, and although that may be sufficient to keep your warranty valid, it barely reduces losses from soiling. Our system rinses your panels every week, keeping them clean at all times – and thus increasing their energy production with up to 30%.

Why would cleaning solar panels traditionally put my system warranty at risk?

Aggressive cleaning methods using detergents and brushes can damage panels and void warranty. Untreated water causes the formation of lime scale, which can damage modules and cause corrosion. Cleaning during the day can cause thermal stress on the panels and crack glass. The use of chemicals, high pressure water, or abrasives can also cause serious damage. Lastly, there is always a risk involved with having workers walk over roof tiles. All of these factors contributed for the need to design and develop a safer and more effective solution such as the IO-Cleantect. 

Will my warranty be safe if I used IO-Cleantect to clean my panels?

IO-Cleantect was designed to comply with all solar panel manufacturer standards and requirements.  IO-Cleantect distributes purified water through an automated system, reducing labor safety hazards and damage to rooftops. Our proprietary purifying system treats any local water source (hard, soft, grey) down to safe and negligible levels of lime scale. There is virtually no upkeep. We do not use chemicals or abrasive brushes and there is no need for filter changes or soap refills. Even our filter cleans itself. Our solution will not void your warranty.

If IO-Cleantect cleans my panels weekly, how would my water bill be impacted?

Because IO-Cleantect was designed for efficiency, approximately twenty automated drip irrigation cleanings from IO-Cleantect would equal the equivalent of one traditional cleaning service. This allows our customers to keep making money from their electricity produciton, without hurting their water bill. 

Can IO-Cleantect protect my home against fires?

Instant On has seen first-hand experiences of situations where IO-Cleantect have prevented the spread of a fire. IO-Cleantect can be turned on remotely, and can be designed to protect not only a solar array, but can cover an entire roof, providing an added layer of resilience against flames. 

How much automation is involved with IO-Cleantect?

IO-Cleantect can be controlled remotely through an application. Cleaning cycles and schedules are easily programmed.

How many installations use this technology already?

IO-Cleantect technology can be found cleaning 1,000,000 solar panels every day, internationally. 

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