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Island off away from the grid. IO designs, builds, aggregates, and commissions advanced Demand Response Enabled Microgrid Solutions, paired with on-site energy generation, for qualified Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal customers in California and beyond. Advanced Energy Storage with Distributed Energy Generation can enable facilities to backup essential equipment, unlock utility savings, and potentially lead to grid independence. On-site generation is often cheaper, more reliable, and has notably lower carbon footprints than traditional utility supply.


Microgrids are Needed Fire Blackout Winter Storm

Microgrids act as local islands of power when the central grid fails and when power is intentionally shut down as a safety precaution. Communities must prepare to assist those whose electricity is critical. The integration of microgrids provides the solution. Only with onsite generation, special switchgear, inverters and controls, will customers still operate in outages.



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Fires are active now

Learn about active fire incidents, and about fire safety and protection initiatives, from

line_risk Transmission California PSPS Public Fire CPUC Resiliency Power Safety Blackout Shutoff Blackout line

Certain Transmission Lines are At Risk

 Communities serviced by transmission lines within the elevated and extreme risk zones may still be affected, even if hundreds of miles away. 

PUC Energy California Public Backup Fire CPUC Resilence Deenergization Blackout Shutoff De-energizaiton

Utilities have Published Reports on Past Events

Extensive documentation of past de-energization events have been made available to the public within California's Public Utility Commission website.

Insist on Answers

What makes something a Microgrid?

IO defines Microgrids and Nanogrids as systems which can be actively managed and islanded from the grid. Many battery and solar solutions lack the full capability to provide resiliency, utilizing only the cost saving benefits of storage solutions. 

Can Microgrids provide complete offset and grid independence?

IO designs systems based on the overall need of its customers. Grid independence can be achieved, but requires more generation and storage than if an essential load was maintained during outages. 

Does IO work against the utility companies by taking customers off-grid?

IO actually supports keeping grid connection and promotes solutions which aid utility companies. Microgrids help reduce overall solar curtailment and promote statewide sustainability and resiliency initiatives when kept connected. Through having grid-tied Microgrids, utility power becomes backup. 

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