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High Voltage Energy Storage ESS HV Commercial Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery PV kWh SGIP critical led acid Flow


 IO has secured a white label high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) lithium iron phosphate batteries for residential, commercial and industrial usage. Energy storage systems (ESS) are a crucial component to improving energy resiliency and grid stability.  Natural disasters, and the increasing frequency of grid failures and black outs leave customers without power and feeling vulnerable. 

Instant On Low Voltage Storage

Low Voltage Energy Storage ESS LV Residential Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery PV solar kWh SGIP DR

Instant On High Voltage Storage

High Voltage Energy Storage ESS HV Commercial Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery PV kWh SGIP critical

Instant On 5 kWh Mobile Storage

kWh Mobile Storage Energy Backup Emergency Medical Baseline UPS inexpensive SGIP California DC power


Will you truly be islandable?

Instant On Energy DR Microgrid Sustainability Resiliency Distributed Energy Resource DER Smart Grid

Most powerwalls are not designed to handle your entire building's energy load. Read more here

Tesla, for example, makes it the customers' responsibility to ensure that energy intensive devices are not on the moment an outage happens, else short circuiting their battery. IO batteries, paired with IO controls, ensures that customers will not be left in the dark and alone during times of need.


Will you truly receive rebates and support?


California has changed the requirements needed to retrieve the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) credit and the solar Incentive Tax Credit (ITC). 


  1. Storage systems must have a verified device which monitors and proves that the battery is charged only through renewable sources. 
  2. The battery must have an automatic transfer switch (ATS) plus an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to keep within compliance. 
  3. The contracted installation company must provide monthly performance verification to the state for a ten year period, else face rebate clawbacks. 


IO Batteries come with an all-in-one compliance kit, plus a service contract, to ensure performance. 



Does IO service commercial, industrial, municipal, or residential customers?

Instant On Energy System Solutions are compatible within all markets. The specific battery used depends on the various voltage or application needs. 

Will IO distribute IO-LV, IO-HV, and IO-5M batteries to other companies?

Distribution and collaboration is a major priority for Instant On. There is too much of a need within the market to hoard a solution. IO provides intensive training and support so that work is done correctly. 

How are IO batteries different from Tesla Powerwall, LG, or Sonnen?

IO batteries are composed of a different chemistry composition, LiFEP04. Lithium Iron Phosphate is safer and last longer than traditional Lithium Ion batteries. In addition,  IO insists on ensuring customers are supported in ensuring their house can truly become islanded during outages, and providing rebate compliance and verification measures. Most other systems do not actively manage the load of a building, leading to short circuiting during outages, and often don't comply with SGIP needs.

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