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Instant ON Earth Day 2021: It's Time to Do Our Part



There is no greater calling than to be stewards of our world. After a year of quarantining through Covid 19, the delicate nature of our environment and the importance of the preservation of the ecosystem can be abundantly clear to all. 

As mentioned in our President AJ Perkins Earth Day YouTube message,  the Instant ON team gives homage to mother earth and is thankful for the life and beauty all around us. We all have a responsibility to preserve our land and to build towards a sustainable and renewable future for our future generations. 

Our is in need of a new innovative and resilient renewable energy infrastructure. We can no longer afford to wait. Through investing in distributed energy resources such as microgrids, through promoting a hydrogen infrastructure, and through decisive collaboration throughout all sectors of our economy, Instant ON envisions a much greener and society. 

To echo our Energy as a Service partner, Schneider Electric GreenStruxure, as expressed in their own earth day post, "it is time to do our part." Instant ON encourages you to join us our mission, to step up, and to do something for our world. 

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