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InfraPrime and InstantOn in Partnership to Launch Net Zero PowerShell® Fuel Cell Sites For Net Zero Data Center Projects

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 and Instant ON - Energy as a Service, Microgrids, Fuel Cells, Resiliency in Partnership to Launch Net Zero PowerShell®  Sites To Accelerate 24/7 Net Zero Data Center Projects Nationwide with The Electric Grid Providers
InfraPrime InstantOn Take Action Towards The Race to Net Zero to Address The Digital Transformation Quickening Trend for Market Adoption of Cost-Efficient Net Zero Data Centers Rapid Commercial On Deployment (COD).



Europe is expected to be Climate Neutral by 2030 with the data center pioneers’ new load absorption across the regions. InfraPrime’s Clean Hydrogen Partnership with the New Consortium of seven members; Equinix, InfraPrime, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Snam S.p.A.SOLIDpower GroupTEC4FUELS GmbHVertiv) lead Low Carbon Fuel Cell Development with Data Center with the European Union sponsored projects. InfraPrime InstantOn are in partnership to provide Net Zero PowerShell® sites nationwide with the Electric Grid Providers to align with the ambition of the Carbon Neutral Data Center Pact for site selection of prominent Clean Energy Grid locations; each site has access of clean energy grid in duality with InfraPrime Carbon Free Energy (CFE) services on premise and emission decarbonization reporting; all optimized for efficiency by InstantOn leading microgrid services to minimize per kilowatt/hour energy spend InfraPrime InstantON in collaboration with numerous nationwide electric utilities in the west, south and east regions to take action for carbon neutrality pathways towards net positive results.

“Our work to protect families, communities and businesses has been catapulted by the many challenges they are facing. The path to carbon negative cannot be planned haphazardly. It will take ambition and action. By teaming up with industry innovators and experts, we can take the steps in the right direction." said AJ Perkins, President of Instant ON. “Working with the team at InfraPrime to bring a solution like the Net Zero PowerShell® to this segment at a time like this is critical.”

“InfraPrime InstantOn working as one team addresses the Net Zero Data Center requirements with the Net Zero PowerShell®, '' said Susanna Kass and Dr. Alberto Ravagni, InfraPrime co-founders”, “the speed of deployment shall accelerate the Net Positive results to tackle Climate Change by 2030”. “We are excited to work with the InstantON leadership and team on market adoption to drive new deployments of POD that provides a varied rack density at kilowatt, and scales up in 250-500 kW modules. PowerShell® is available to support 200-400 megawatts campus deployment with a Net Zero Pathway to meet the Carbon Neutrality (Positive) results.”

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