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Instant ON Reveals its Microgrid Smart Panel Control Tech: IO-HUB

Batteries, solar, generators and fuel cells are only as smart as the device controlling it. Through Instant ON's strategic partnership with Koben, Instant ON can now easily integrate all components of a microgrid, while building the framework for a hydrogen future. 

As seen in the press release on

Koben Systems Inc. and Instant ON, LLC are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Koben's industry leading energy hub smart panel - GENIUS with IO's world class strategy-led IO-HUB platform aligning between the smart grid requirements and the consumers' desire for full visibility and control of energy and gas.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business and our personal lives, companies recognize that they need to accelerate the development of microgrid solutions to ensure they remain on the resilient and sustainable vanguard. The Koben-Instant On partnership brings together deep skills in business and technology strategy, product ideation, technology development and deployment to help support our world through successful transformation of our aged energy grid.

"The Koben-Instant On partnership is a powerful combination. Koben understands of complex digital product interactions, its deep engineering expertise, and agile, collaborative approach is uniquely complimentary to how the Instant On team works. We believe this generates industry leading technology products and platforms for a broader audience," said Vic Burconak, Koben's CEO & President. "GENIUS is the word's most advanced energy hub smart panel that brings together smart meter, intelligent circuit panel and essential loads panel all in one. In working with IO to develop Instant ON's IO HUB to do what the GENIUS panel does with the added feature of monitoring and controlling gas (or hydrogen), we know this is the only advanced microgrid controller available today for the residential home of its kind."

"Partnering with Koben to create the IO Hub brings a level of confidence to address the big issue of interoperability; to ensure that solar, batteries, EV chargers and fuel cells can work seamlessly together in a nanogrid/microgrid to protect the home from blackouts," said AJ Perkins, Instant ON President. "We take our advanced solar microgrids and add the ability to integrate natural gas fuel cells or hydrogen fuel cells and have those all work off of the same microgrid controller creating a wholistic environment through our IO-HUB, that's how to take resiliency, redundancy and reliability to the next level of nanogrids."

As an indication of commitment, Instant ON is looking to ensure the integration of 5 million nanogrids by 2025 to protect families and communities. They already have contracts to build more than 1 million nanogrids for US Veterans and are looking for more companies to join their mission. Koben is making this same kind of commitment to protect families and communities in Canada and together there is a lot of work ahead.

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