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Share Instant ON's 2021 New Year Resolution!

Amidst the power shutoffs, wildfires, and disruption from illnesses experienced this year, the Instant ON team remains resolved in our mission to keep the power ON. With gratitude and clarity, we see the demand for decisive collaboration in our industry. Whether the need be for our home or for our business, 2020 has shown us that need for Microgrids and Nanogrids has never been stronger. Accordingly, the following articles have helped us shape our New Year resolution:

The Home Microgrid Named Person of the Year by Microgrid Knowledge:

As Stated by Microgrid Knowledge in their most recent article, it was only but a year ago when home microgrids were seen as an oddity. "Home microgrids, while found here and there, still appeared far down the road as an accessible product. At that point, most microgrids were being built for businesses, colleges, hospitals, and the like." A year later, after the increasingly expensive utility rate hikes, the ongoing public safety power shutoffs, the first Californian rolling blackouts in over a decade, and the increased necessity of home office resiliency due to stay-at-home orders, the events of 2020 has fundamentally changed the relevancy of home nanogrids. 

Perhaps it might not be a surprise to learn that, for this reason, Instant ON's white paper, Nanogrids: A New Opportunity for the Solar Industry, was the most requested white paper from Microgrid Knowledge this year! 

Before Energy as a Service, the Commercial and Industrial Microgrid Sector had Remained Untapped and Underserviced:

As seen in an article seen in Forbes, "Unlike residential solar that has standardized financing, or utility-scale solar that has the benefit of scale, commercial solar has neither. Each commercial solar project has a high degree of customization and complexity. Frequently, the work and expense involved in acquiring a customer and obtaining financing kills deals. And the pandemic may temporarily exacerbate these problems by causing financiers to be more conservative. These are tough challenges that depend on numerous financial and regulatory factors. And there’s a litany of innovative companies working hard to solve these problems. If they can be overcome, a massive addressable market awaits."

Market forces have been driving shareholders to want to invest in sustainability. Businesses seek cheaper and more reliable energy costs. Facing power outages, companies can clearly perceive the value of resiliency. However, until Schneider Electric and Huck Capital's partnership to form GreenStruxure, there has yet to have been a simple means to bring the benefit of cost reduction, carbon reduction, and resiliency to C&I customers. The risk has been too big, the capital expenditure too high, and the operations and maintenance costs too prohibitive. Now, with Instant ON becoming GreenStruxure's first named alliance partner, there has never been greater opportunities to serve this market. 

As stated in a press release within PRNewswire, "Businesses in California today are challenged by a prolonged wildfire season, unpredictable service and demanding clean energy standards. GreenStruxure, bringing together Schneider Electric's industry leading expertise in renewable energy microgrids and Huck Capital's sustainability-focused investments, was launched in September 2020 to help customers address these challenges and take control of their energy. The company offers innovative, modular, standardized renewable energy microgrids under a new Energy as a Service model. Customers have no upfront capital expenses, no risk and do not have to worry about operation or maintenance issues with a complex energy system. They will also enjoy a predictable, long-term contract for energy that provides cost-effective, resilient, sustainable power. The new solution can be up and running in about a year, which means that businesses in California need to start the evaluation process now to prepare for next year's fire season."

 "Our customers want to adopt a clean energy solution and need to have confidence that their power will be there when they need it most," said Jose Lorenzo, GreenStruxure CEO. "These customers have limited options today and we're thrilled to partner with Instant ON to bring them a new solution and work alongside them every step of the way to help them run their business, gain a competitive edge and meet their goals."

"The need is great and the need is now. California businesses need solutions to this huge energy problem and by working together with GreenStruxure we can serve the needs of so many more customers," said AJ Perkins, Instant ON President. "Instant ON set a vision of helping integrate 1 million microgrids throughout the U.S. to protect businesses. Together with GreenStruxure, we are asking every Californian to join us in helping provide needed power with microgrids for businesses."

Instant ON's 2021 New Years Resolution

Inspired by the compelling and irrefutable demand for both microgrids and nanogrids, Instant ON resolves to insist only on solutions that promote cost predictability, sustainability, resiliency, and reliability. The needs of community has changed, and we must be prepared to work together to build and deploy the grid of our future. 

As stated by AJ Perkins, President of Instant ON, "We are excited and grateful to be a part of this growing industry. We see nanogrids as being a small part of the solution to help families, communities and businesses create savings, resilience and independence. This is a big problem that needs everyone working together. We hope that we can count on you to help us build 10 million nanogrids across America in the next 5 years." 

All forms of collaboration is needed to make this happen. Share our new years resolution, join our team, help us keep the power ON!

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