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GreenStruxure's Partnership with ClearGen Strengthens Instant ON's Energy as a Service Offering


GreenStruxure ClearGen


Businesses and communities continue to demand cleaner, more reliable, and cheaper power. These solutions must be affordable, financeable, scalable, deployable, and must overcome the challenges of interoperability. As such, Instant ON knew that it had to be selective in offering its customers a viable solution. 

In late 2021, it was announced that Instant ON had partnered with Schneider Electric's GreenStruxure to offer Energy as a Service to its customers. As mentioned in an article by Microgrid Knowledge,

"'Our customers want to adopt a clean energy solution and need to have confidence that their power will be there when they need it most,'  said Jose Lorenzo, GreenStruxure CEO. 'These customers have limited options today and we’re thrilled to partner with Instant ON to bring them a new solution and work alongside them every step of the way to help them run their business, gain a competitive edge and meet their goals.'

Instant ON, a microgrid integrator and developer in California, brings to the partnership a deep understanding of customer needs in the region and wide knowledge of the market and its changing landscape, according to a news release issued by the companies. In addition to serving the building market, Instant On has made a name for itself because of its nanogrid offerings for residences.

'Our California businesses need protection and we are proud to let our customers know they’re not alone,' said A.J. Perkins, Instant ON president. 'By working together with GreenStruxure we can serve hundreds of customers throughout California and bring them a much-needed innovative, cost-effective, resilient and sustainable solution.'

Because of the newly announced partnership with Blackstone's Cleargen, Instant ON's customers can rest assured that they have the financial backing and support for years to come. As mentioned in a separate article by Microgrid Knowledge

"The agreement with Blackstone’s ClearGen allows GreenStruxure to 'go bigger and faster' in developing projects, Steve McBee, Huck Capital CEO, said May 25. Customers in the underserved C&I market will benefit from turnkey, renewable energy microgrids that will give them the energy outcomes they need to meet business and sustainability goals without upfront capital outlays and no operational risks, the companies said."

There has been a tremendous gap in the market when it came to the financing of medium commercial and industrial Microgrids. Before this partnership with GreenStruxure and Blackstone, most businesses had no assurance that they would find financing for anything other than solar, and also had little guarantee that the finance entity will remain in place for the lifespan of the project. 

Instant ON is extremely confident in offering GreenStruxure's Energy as a Service because through working with a subsidiary of Schneider Electric and Blackstone, we can rest assured that in 20 years, the microgid will continue to get the support it needs. The risk of choosing the right contractor to build microgrids is tremendous; through GreenStruxure and Instant ON's EaaS offerings, the risk is minimized. 

To listen to Instant ON's President AJ Perkins discuss this exciting news, check out our most recent installation of our Youtube series - AJ in 8 !

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