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Is the Future of Energy Mobile?

INSTANT ON: Insisting on mobile resilient solutions 

Our utility grid infrastructure is aging and cannot keep up. We often do not have enough power for new interconnections, while existing customers experience brownouts and interruptions with increasing frequency. Our utilities are not prepared for the recent influx in extreme weather events and wildfires. The changing climate is expected to further exacerbate the weather conditions leading to longer fire seasons, hurricanes, and ice storms.

For companies requiring reliable energy independence and backup solutions, options have been limited. Until now, generators running off of fossil fuels have been the primary - if not only - mobile source of backup power. With Instant ON's partnership with Nomad, businesses finally have a cleaner and greener option. 
As said by AJ Perkins, President and CEO of Instant ON: "We’re ecstatic to offer customers a flexible, reliable, simple, and safe energy storage solution that can easily move to meet their needs in real time, and then move away eliminating all the carrying costs of traditional solutions,” said Bellows. “With the world’s increasing energy demands, an influx of green energy generation, and increasingly severe impacts of climate change, the need for an adaptive storage technology like NOMAD has never been greater." 
Many companies need options other than diesel generators. Many Businesses have solar but are not able to utilize the resiliency potential during times of the year when they need it most. Many of our customers in California in particular, especially agricultural and municipal customers near the fire zones, have been looking for a green storage option that could be mobile. Solar, without batteries, does nothing to provide resilience. Many agricultural meters, as an example, also simply do not have rate plans that make batteries or solar economical. Through the option of proactively renting mobile battery storage solutions during the times of year where power outages are more likely to occur, businesses that previously could not viably utilize energy storage can now do so! 

Mobile Storage Nomad NRI

For more information on purcahsing or renting mobile battery solutions, contact Instant ON!

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